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Journal papers

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Conference/Workshop papers

  1. Mirzaei, O.; Tapiador, J.E; Tangil, G.; de Fuentes, J.M. Triaging Android Applications using Speculative Information Flows. Asia CCS, 640:651 (2017) [doi]
  2. L. González-Manzano, M. Slaymaker, J. M de Fuentes, D. Vayenas. SoNeUCON_{ABC}Pro: an access control model for social networks with translucent user provenance. SecureComm 2017.
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PhD Theses

  1. Alejandro Calleja (Ongoing). Dynamic Malware Analysis.
  2. Carmen Camara (Ongoing). Biosignals and Security.
  3. Pablo Picazo (Ongoing). Security Protocols for Medical WBANs.
  4. Guillermo Suarez-Tangil (2014). Mining Structural and Behavioral Patterns in Smart Malware.